School Staff - 

Principal  - Mr. Mark Cantin

Vice-Principal - Mr. Marc Gaumond

Secretaries - Mrs. Trina Usselman, Mrs. Angie Leader

Parish Priest - Father Jim Kaptein
Pre-Kindergarten - Mrs. Suzanne Moran

Pre-Kindergarten - Ms. Teri-Lynn Tremblay

Kindergarten - Mrs. Teri-Lynn Tremblay 

Grade 1 - Ms. Christi Glencross 

Grade 1/2 - 2 - Ms. Nola Halabiski 

Grade 2 - Ms. Melissa Poirier

Grade 3 -  Mr. Dion Furber
Grade 4 - Ms. Donna Ostmoen

Grade 4/5 - Ms. Jennifer Sosnowski

                   - Ms. Diana Elias

Grade 5 - Ms. 5/6 Tawna Natomagan
Grade 6- Ms. Chantelle Anderson

Grade 7 - Ms. Caitlin Thalheimer
Grade 8 - Mrs. Karla Orieux

Grade 8 - Ms. Amber Scragg
ArtEd - Mrs. Nicole Charlebois-Rinas

Physical Education - Mr. Clint Rissling, Mr. Dion Furber
Library Clerk - Ms. Brittany Greaves

Student Support Services Teachers - Ms Melissa McGregor, Mrs. Kristine Dahl, Ms. Amanda Goller

Talking Partners -

T.E.A.M. Teacher - Mrs. Connie Regnier

T.E.A.M. Assistant - Ms. Kara Quirion(am) (pm)
Caretakers - Mr. Phil Cholodniuk, Mr. Jerry Ferchuk

Dream Broker - Ms. Dawn McDougall

School Associates - Mrs. Beata Halczuk, Mrs. Laura Kosowan

Nutritionist - Mrs. Shirley Pochipinski
Educational Support Assistants - Ms. Kara Quirion, Ms. Bonnie Malenfant, Ms. Anne Zamora, Ms. Claudine Demyen, Ms. Audrey Linfitt, , Ms. Laurie Impey, Ms. Chantelle Burns, Ms. Laurie Huet, Ms. Rose Iskra

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


Learning for life through Catholic Education


To optimize learning and nurture spiritual growth guided by Gospel values and Church teachings

Core Values

Student-Centered, Community, Integrity, Servant Leadership, Stewardship

Our School Prayer


As you helped St. John the Evangelist to spread the Good News help us too.  Help us to spread the Good News of love and forgiveness to all in our community.  Help us to realize that by working together, we are better.