St. Mark Knights of Columbus for the generous donation of winter clothing to

St. John Community School especially during these trying Covid19 times!

Upcoming Events


For more information and events at the John M Cuelenaere Public Library click on the picture below to see their website!

Food Bank Project & Class Pizza Party

Congratulations to all St. John students and staff for your kindness and generosity toward our Reverse Advent Calendar Food Bank Project. Our students, families and staff donated 2,748 items of food and toiletries to the Prince Albert Food Bank. We also donated $467.05. 

Thank you to the SLC for organizing such a successful project. A big thank you from the Food Bank! They were so happy to receive all these items and they will make sure it goes to people who need it!

The class pizza parties go to:

1st Place - TEAM classroom who collected 54 items per student

2nd Place - 8O who collected 32 items per student

3rd Place - 8S who collected 25 items per student

Please join us in welcoming the New School Community Council for 2020/21 school year!


CHAIR: Amanda Batawala

VICE-CHAIR: Krystal Hadlow

SECRETARY: Laura Kosowan

TREASURER: Roger Reimer 

MEMBERS AT LARGE: Stacia Michael 


Mr. Maurice Chalifour

Thank you for volunteering to make our school community a better place.  

Mom's Pantry School Fundraiser


Thank you to all of the students who took part in our annual SCC Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser. This fundraiser helps our school to support student activities and events throughout the school year. Now that the campaign has wrapped up, we are happy to announce the students’ who were winners of our incentive prizes. Once again, thank you for your support in your child’s education. Top Classroom Seller ( each classroom had a winner) $25.00 Walmart Gift Card.

Prek M (MW) - Oliver D.

PreK (TTH) - Tyler W.

Kindergarten - Ella B.

Gr. 1 - Sara B.

Gr. 1/2 - Alexander P.

Gr. 2 - Bryson PB.

Gr. 3 - Lukas R.

Gr. 4 - Blake K.

Gr. 4/5 - Kaz Y.

Gr. 5/6 - Daniel K.

Gr.6 - Madison M.

Gr. 7 - Keiran KM.

Gr. 8O Laykin H.

Gr. 8S - Tiana G.

TEAM - Chance M