Thank you!!

To The Kinsman Club for the donation of Waterproof Mitts, gloves, toques, and neck warmers.  These were handed out to our PreK, K, Gr. 1, 2, & 3 Classrooms.  

Your generosity is warmly appreciated!  


Advent Season Activity

Congratulations and a very big thank you to all the students, family, and Staff members whom helped support our community project for the Advent Season.  Your generosity towards your classrooms Advent activities resulted in a monetary donation of $12961.55 towards the

Prince Albert Food Bank this year. 

All Students contributed so much.Thank you again to everyone, it is greatly appreciated!! 

Way to St. John Jaguars!

Please join us in welcoming the New School Community Council for 2020/21 school year!


CHAIR: Amanda Batawala

VICE-CHAIR: Krystal Hadlow

SECRETARY: Laura Kosowan

TREASURER: Roger Reimer 

MEMBERS AT LARGE: Stacia Michael 


Mr. Maurice Chalifour

Thank you for volunteering to make our school community a better place.  

Mom's Pantry School Fundraiser


Thank you to all of the students who took part in our annual SCC Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser. This fundraiser helps our school to support student activities and events throughout the school year. We weren’t really sure how well we would do moving completely online, but we had a very successful campaign because of your efforts. We were able to raise $3100 for our school. Now that the campaign has wrapped up, we are happy to announce the students’ who were winners of our incentive prizes. Once again, thank you for your support in your child’s education. Top Classroom Seller ( each classroom had a winner) $25.00 Walmart Gift Card.

Prek M (MW) - Ella Blackburn.

PreK (TTH) - Axl S.

PreK/K (MW) - Jayden B.

K (TTH) - Sara B.

Gr. 1R. - Catie F.

Gr. 1/2 - Nixon L.

Gr. 2/3 - Khloe G.

Gr. 3/4 - Blake K.

Gr. 4 - Allen G.

Gr. 4/5 - Wade M

Gr. 5 - Theah L.

Gr.6S - Keiran K. 

Gr. 7 T - Serenity K.

Gr. 7/8 - Tiana G.

Gr. 8O - Jacob G.

TEAM - Ryan T. 


Fries and Gravy.JPG

The grade 3/4 class enjoyed special treats to celebrate their writing accomplishments. After using a "Hamburger" model to write their paragraphs about making a difference in the world, students received a sweet "Burger and Fries".   These are sugar  cookie fries with buttercream ketchup.  Thank you to our school Nutritionist Shirley Pochipinski for creating these in the school kitchen for them!

Upcoming Events


For more information and events at the John M Cuelenaere Public Library click on the picture below to see their website!